The popularization of electronic music has been very great in recent years. Currently, DJs undoubtedly belong to the pop industry, which, for better or for worse, has made way for more and more artists. If you want to learn to mix music like the best disc jockeys, there are many tools with which you can train through the internet. You can visit dj hire melbourne. With you, the twelfth installment of HoyAprendí .

Virtual DJ course

You can mix music through various platforms. Perhaps the simplest and, therefore, most popular among beginner DJs is Virtual DJ . The advantage it offers is that all its features can be used from any computer, but its concepts can be applied in other programs and when using a turntable.

The youtuber DJ Alones is one of the most popular on the net for its complete tutorials in Spanish. On your channel there is a whole play list designed to teach how to use the Virtual DJ.At the end of your 17 videos, you will have all the capabilities to make an organized set with your favorite songs.

Pyramid Training

The Pyramid music production academy offers a large number of really useful online instruments for those interested in electronics. In fact, it offers a totally free DJ course , in which you will learn from one of the most recognized software in the scene: Traktor .

The first two lessons are on YouTube and, to see the next six, you just have to register on the official page with your name and an email. In addition to becoming an expert in Traktor, with these simple tutorials you will learn how to properly handle audio drivers and CDJ turntables.


At present, disc jockeys of the likes of Diplo use Ableton to make their productions and their mixes. If you want to learn how to use this powerful tool, you can not stop following the SadowickProduction channel. There you will find a whole course of basic concepts that will help you understand and start using the Ableton Live 9.

With its 11 videos, you will go from being a complete novice to mastering the elementary principles of software. If you feel you can continue with deeper content, Sadowick also offers amore complete playlist (48 videos) that addresses more complex concepts that are possible in Ableton Live.

Pregnant women consult on the Internet but resolve doubts with their midwife

Barcelona, Nov 5 (EFE) .- 63% of mothers consult the Internet during pregnancy, but when it comes to answering questions or asking for advice 60.5% goes to their midwife, according to a survey presented today by the president of the Federation of Associations of Midwives of Spain (FAME), Cristina Martínez.


Cristina Martinez presented at a press conference the results of a study conducted by FAME, with the collaboration of Caprabo, through 800 interviews with women-400 Catalan and 400, from the rest of Spain, entitled “Fears of women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. ”

Martinez has stated that at a time when “we are looking for everything in the network” it is important “to contrast this information with doctors to manage it well and that there is no anguish”.

The president of FAME has also stressed that “the mother always has to take into account if the website she is looking at has professionals behind”.

In this sense, the study indicates that 63% of the mothers who consult on the Internet do so on blogs and websites of health professionals, valued at 7.36 out of 10, while the pages of magazines and companies specialized in maternity have a assessment of a 7.2.


“We understand that this virtual resolution of the questions and fears derived from pregnancy is positive, since these are usually questions of common sense.”

According to this study, the main fear of mothers in all phases of pregnancy is that the baby has health problems, followed by fear of losing the baby and having complications in childbirth.

Among the variables analyzed, the president of FAME has remarked that each time “the mother is more worried if the family will be able to ensure her life and that of the baby in the current economic and employment situation in Spain”.


Another of the fears that Martinez has stressed is that an episiotomy is performed, that is, a cut in the vagina of the pregnant woman to facilitate the exit of the fetus: “Spain has to improve a lot there, since in 2012 an episiotomy was performed in 41% of the cases, Fairfax OBGYN and the WHO recommends that it never exceed 30%. ”

This fear could be avoided, according to Martinez, “with a midwife who controls pain during delivery, so that it is not implemented and pharmacology is not used,” although in Spain “there are only 23 midwives per 100,000 women, a figure that in the Nordic countries it reaches 120 “.

In that sense, the president of FAME has claimed the “significant increase in the preference for a birth the more natural, the better”, a trend that “requires hospital centers to do more physiological births and to divide between risk areas”.


Regarding the relationship between mothers and midwives, the study shows that 76% of the women surveyed usually rely on the midwife to resolve their doubts about pregnancy, delivery or postpartum.

“The qualities most valued by midwives are their professionalism, the personalized resolution of doubts they offer and the closeness and proximity to mothers,” said the president of FAME.

To facilitate their work, Martínez has explained that the federation works so that mothers can make visits by videoconference to public hospitals, which “would greatly facilitate the access of all pregnant women to midwives.”


The president of FAME has also explained that, for the future, they want to do a similar study on the fears and feelings of parents during pregnancy, since these are, according to the data provided by the study, the first influence on decisions of the mothers.

Applications to call and talk for free using wifi or 3G / 4G with android, iphone, blackberry.

Here we explain how to call free from android, iphone, blackberry or pc and be able to talk long and hard without having to worry about the price, or the consumption of data. In our guides wealready explain how to have free wifi , now it’s time to take advantage of it! So let’s see what applications there are to call and talk for free using wifi or 3G / 4g with all your contacts .

Theory on app to call by wifi or 3g / 4g free as Line, Viber, Skype, HipChat, Whatsapp

Be careful, because calls to normal phones are NOT free. Now we explain it to you


Let’s review the common features of the applications to call and talk on wifi or 3g / 4g. These applications use the internet to make the call, they use the VOIP (Voice over internet) protocol to send the digitized voice signal through the Internet, instead of sending it analogically through the normal telephone switching network.

That is, normal calls go through an analog network and calls from these apps go through another network, the internet network. But there are two networks that are linked by a device called gateways, these devices allow you to call from the voip network to a phone that is in the normal analog network and vice versa as well.

All this roll is important because of the following: The calls of the applications that go by wifi or 4G will be free while you DO NOT call a normal analog network phone. All these apps work as follows: If from the app you call a normal phone then they charge you a fee, so that the call comes out for free you have to call another device that also has the same app installed.


Line for free pc

The application of Line is very similar to Viber, of Chinese origin is having an enormous success, because it can be used in PC and its famous stickers (emoticons) that users can send each other. Free Line is available for PC, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry PGP and Nokia Asha OS. The call service is free between Line applications and is compatible with iOS, Android and PC (Windows and Mac OS). Line also has what they call “official accounts”, they are accounts of famous people and television programs, you can add them to your favorites and from your own application you can follow their news, promotions, news … in a similar way to how it is done in facbook or twitter. To be able to call normal telephones (which do not have Line installed) you must use the Line Premium Call service , which offers a series of flat rates to be able to call any telephone in the world, it is a payment service in which you have to buy credits to be able to call.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM)


And we have left for the last to the most veteran application, one of the first and most famous messaging apps on the Internet, Blackberry Messenger , known for its high levels of security, since all conversations are encrypted , application widely used by companies and teenagers. Personally it is the application that we like the most in the wording of compartirwifi

Initially only available for free for Blackberry systems was opened in 2013 to the iOS and Android platforms , a version for Windows Phone is also planned for the end of 2014.

Blackberry Messenger allows free online chat between users of the application, you can also show what happens on your smartphone screen to the other user, provided that you have Wi-Fi connection. A special feature of BBM is that it has the so-called channels, which are like Twitter-type accounts where you can follow the people and companies that interest you most and be up-to-date with your things.

BBM is associated with a blackberry identifier and the phone number of your smartphone, so it integrates perfectly with your contact list.

All about internet and locksmith

Why is internet so important in locksmithing?

Internet is very important for the locksmith, because there are many advantages when hiring a locksmith through the Internet, both in the case of being the locksmith, as in the case of being the client .

The most obvious, of course, is that the locksmiths have a greater number of customers and, consequently, can reduce their prices, which ends up affecting the final customer positively.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that the price reduction is not exclusively due to the fact that the locksmiths have more customers, but also due to the fact that there is greater competition and, consequently, prices tend to fall .

So, for example, when before the betera locksmiths had little workload, and the prices were very high, because they were locksmiths 24 hours in Bétera and urgent locksmiths, you had a serious problem if you needed them.

For the simple reason that they were going to cost you an eye for the face. Luckily, that does not happen anymore. At least, it does not happen in that intensity, because, thanks to the internet, those locksmiths have more workload, and its price can go down.

In addition, in the case that you are not interested in a concrete locksmith, you can choose your competition, which makes the prices also go down.

And another important aspect, also related to competition and that, on occasion, tends to forget: Not only lower prices, but improves the service. The locksmith preston are better, with more education and come before, for example.

Are Internet locksmiths reliable?

However, the question may arise as to whether these locksmiths are reliable or not. And you can only respond in one way to this question: Absolutely yes, they are reliable . And, in fact, they are more reliable than traditional locksmiths.

For example, taking the case of moncada locksmiths : What happened in the past? You saw a little sign in the street, and you pointed the phone in case you were ever going to need it. But you did not know anything about that person.

However, nowadays, when you encounter the problem of needing a locksmith, you have much easier in terms of reliability, because you can go to the Internet and check different options.

As the locksmiths know that people will compare, they present themselves on their own websites, explaining who they are, what their experience is, if they are self-employed or have a company behind, etc.

That is, they give you much more information than they gave you in the past. In this way, 24-hour locksmiths from Moncada offer a much higher quality service and, in addition, in a much more reliable way.

Consequently, if you have the need for urgent locksmiths in Moncada, you assume less risk than you assumed in the past. And that is positive for everyone.

What advantages do these locksmiths offer?

But, for example, let’s take the case of benimaclet locksmiths . This is a team of urgent locksmiths in Benimaclet , who offer their services 24 hours a day so you do not have any problems, regardless of when you have to go home.

These locksmiths, in the past, could have had poor services and high prices and, despite everything, would have had a good workload on a regular basis. Why? Because the consumer had no chance to compare.

And, on the other hand, nowadays, they are forced to offer an excellent service, to the point of being the best locksmiths in the whole area. And all thanks to the internet and the possibility of comparing different options.

The advantage offered by these locksmiths, currently, go through different areas:

First, the price, which is now much lower than before, thanks to the increased competition in the sector thanks to the network of networks, since they have a greater number of customers.

Secondly, the services they offer must always be of increasing quality, precisely because competition is constantly on their heels.

And, thirdly, they have to offer extra services, in order to cover a larger segment of a market as broad as that of home security. So, for example, you can also opt for the installation of armored doors and other security elements.

And its price?

Finally, there is the issue of price , which we have already discussed in the previous sections, but it never hurts to mention again and in a clearer and more specific way so that everything is clear.

Take, for example, the case of torrent locksmiths , who are dedicated to offering the service of locksmiths 24 hours in Torrente , in case you ever need an urgent locksmith.

As you can imagine, this is a job that requires a lot of dedication and knowledge, so it is a well paid job. However, thanks to the competition, the price can fall substantially, thus benefiting the customer.

The locksmith has never been a cheap sector, and, comparing it with other sectors, nowadays it is not either. But if we compare the prices of today, thanks to the internet, with the prices of a decade ago, you will notice that they have dropped drastically . And that is positive.

So, although it is still advisable that you do not have to go to the locksmith, because it is still expensive, the truth is that it is better that it is now when you have to go to it, than a few years ago, when the competition was lower and prices, much higher.

As you can see, the internet is a great help in a huge variety of areas. And the locksmith was not going to be different . Thanks to the network of networks, locksmiths have more work, closer to home, and customers have a faster and more affordable service.

The 4 best cheap and quality kitchen faucets

In recent years, kitchen faucets have evolved so much that they are no longer just a device to control the output of cold or hot water. Thanks to the many advances, there are currently models of kitchen sink faucets of great quality, which remain as new with little effort, which help us save water, and even make life easier with different utilities.


And the best thing of all is that, if we know how to look in the cheapest stores, we can find models of cheap kitchen faucets that have an unbeatable quality.

In our purchase guide we have analyzed different cheap faucets, based on the qualities that we should always look for to be useful for the home. If you are also thinking about reforming your kitchen, and you want to get a kitchen faucet that is more useful in your day to day life, and without spending a lot of money on your purchase, these are the tricks you have to follow in your search.

We also tell you which are the best kitchen faucets that you can find at this moment in the market, and where you can buy them at the best price. Keep reading, because all this information will interest you very much!

Kitchen faucets; Tips to consider

Before starting the search among all the faucet models that exist in the market, the first step is to take the measurements in your sink to know how much space we have for the placement of your kitchen tap.

If it is a small sink, it will be preferable to choose types of faucets that do not have a pipe too high. But if the sink is large, you can even allow yourself to choose a removable kitchen faucet , which can be handled much better, offering more possibilities.


Grohe StartLoop kitchen tap

But if you want to buy a cheap kitchen faucet with the best quality, you can not miss the models that are available on the internet from Grifos Grohe Cocina brand, with discounts of up to 70%. And among all Grohe kitchen faucets, this model has the best positive ratings.


It is one of the kitchen single- brand taps of the brand with an elegant design ideal for decorating any kitchen. With a chrome finish that makes it have a beautiful aesthetic and at the same time offers great resistance to scratches and moisture.

Its performance and precision is the best. It controls the temperature perfectly thanks to its unique handle, in addition to the water pressure. It has a high spout for easy use in the scrubbing of large pots and pans, but at the same time occupies a minimum space because it is super collected both the pipe and the control.

The best option to buy these cheap kitchen faucets is to do it through the internet, instead of in specialized stores. Take advantage of the discount of almost 50% available at this time, and get one of the best kitchen faucets on the market for much less money. What are you waiting for! check this out picks

Blackberry accelerates in the security of the Internet of Things

The Connected Devices Certification Platform and Vertical Security Development Center are the new BlackBerry ads.

Hardly had Blackberry formalized the acquisition of WatchDox in the protection of documents, that the Canadian company launched two new security services. And especially in securing the Internet of Things (IoT).

A certification platform for IoT

In the first place, the Waterloo company relies on the technologies of its subsidiary Certicomto launch a public key certificate management service for applications dedicated to sensors and other objects connected to a network. This platform will enable service providers and device manufacturers to secure IoT networks and their ecosystem by authenticating connected devices.

Certicom’s certification application has been operational since 13 April in the United Kingdom, where it is starting to validate the 104 million residential energy measurement and management devices that comply with ZigBee Smart Energy specifications.

A new vision of security

Although it also concerns communicating objects, the other announcement concerns the more general questions of computer security that Blackberry intends to contribute. The company has just opened the Center for High Assurance Computing Excellence (CHACE) . This R & D center’s mission is to rethink how to integrate security for businesses and individuals in the face of new forms of attack. “Security in the world is based on the idea of fixing faster, but this hamster wheel fails to fix the root problem ,” said David Kleidermacher, security manager at Blackberry.It is clear that we must build systems without security breaches. The software engineering and security needed to achieve this goal is unfortunately rare nowadays and must become commonplace. “

This will be the challenge for Chace who will benefit from Blackberry PGP‘s expertise in security. The Waterloo company has some expertise in automated testing and deep vulnerability analysis. This has enabled the Canadian to obtain international certifications in the areas of management of mobile devices (and recognized by the US Defense ), the automotive industry and the medical industry. Chace intends to expand this set of skills, both towards the academic, scientific and private environment, to develop security products dedicated to vertical sectors.

How to start your own carpet cleaning for your internet cafe business

Numerous buildings and houses have carpets and these usually get dirty. If you are a committed entrepreneur who enjoys hard work, you can turn this dirt into a money-making opportunity with your own carpet cleaning business.

Become a certified carpet cleaning technician. The Clean Trust, which was previously the Institute of Inspection, Certification and Restoration, can help you find a course. You will learn the basics about carpet fibers, how to react to certain types of cleaners, what temperatures to use, how to remove stains and installation standards. You will also learn about protectors and deodorizers.

Contact the office of your city or county clerk to find out what regulations apply to the cleanup businesses in your city or state. Some states reinforce the environmental rules for indoor air quality and the use of chemicals, as well as the elimination of residual water from rug cleaning London. If you run your business from home, you may find yourself with zoning restrictions for traffic, parking and advertising signs. When you buy third-party liability insurance for your business, consider buying deposit insurance on bail since you will be working in people’s homes. This will protect you and your customers in case an employee commits a robbery.

Identify if your customer base will be commercial, residential or both. You will need a significant amount of equipment to clean commercial buildings. Residential cleaning will be easier to promote since you can use methods such as posting signs or going from house to house.

Purchase cleaning equipment and accessories such as cleaning tools, ladders, tools for cleaning upholstery, rakes for carpets, cleaning solutions and chemical restoration. Steam cleaners are particularly effective at removing most stains. Look for a portable heating system with enough solution and recovery chamber to accommodate the average space you will be working on.

Stand out from the competition by offering organic products or additional services such as upholstery cleaning, wall cleaning, curtain cleaning, carpet dyeing, restoration services and odor control. You can also provide emergency services 24 hours a day. Once you are a certified carpet cleaning technician, consider enrolling in leather cleaning and mold removal courses to help expand your services.


  • Keep your house and truck in perfect condition. If customers enter your home, your carpet should be an example of what they can expect from your work.
  • Get the prices of the competition to get an idea of how much to charge.
  • Before going door to door to promote your services, check the regulations in the neighborhood association.

Lingerie sexy on AliE Online

Cuchi, you no longer have excuses to leave your partner speechless: in AliExpress there is an endless amount of sexy and cheap lingerie that you can buy online quickly and easily. We all like sex lingerie and, in fact, it is one of those clothes that never go out of style, perfect to fan the passion of our relationships and feel sexy before our partner. You know that I’m a regular hot online lingerie shopper . So you will allow me, my friend, to insist on the subject, because it is always good to give us a whim, so if you are thinking of buying cheap sexy lingerie, AliExpress is a good solution that I told you in the other article. In this great Chinese platform you will find many stores with excellent reputation that sell intimate lingerie at the best price : from garters, to sets of lace, bodys, corsets, bustiers, sexy thongs, babydolls … etc. I’m going to drive Lobelto crazy!

Sexy lingerie at the best cheap lingerie stores from AliExpress

After an arduous search for various AliExpress stores and products, I have prepared a small selection of the best sexy and lingerie stores in Australia. As you will see, in these reputed stores, you can find all kinds of lingerie: lace bras, stuffed bras, sexy nightgowns, transparent nightgowns, cheap  costumes, sex costumes, panties and transparent thongs, etc.

That to see, if in these stores they have been exhausted products or you do not find what fits with your desires (or those of your partner … or lover, ay cuchi, do you have a lover?), Click there, that I have put you The AliExpress search engine ready for you to find only sexy lingerie .

Be that as it may, there are shops that I trust the most, because they have a lot of positive ratings of clients like you and me, who have already bought.

Beyond Sexy Lingerie: Sexy Costumes for Women on AliExpress

Do not forget, cuchi, that besides not being the first time I talk to you about sexy lingerie, I also told you how to find women’s costumes on AliExpress . Right now the link does not work, but I’ve already asked Cousin Larry, who is the geek, to help me upload it right away. They are a little more exotic than the sexy lingerie but they fulfill their job very well for all kinds of sexual games you can think of!

There, what we do not do for our husbands …

What is the Best Baitcast Fishing Line for Baitcasting reel?

  • The best baitcast fishing line depends on the technique, size and type of fish lure.
  • Baitcasting fishing reels are characterized by being mounted on the top of the rod and controlled by the pressure of your thumb against the line. While baitcasting reels are designed for experienced fishermen, they can be used for a variety of fish using different fishing techniques. Choosing the type of fishing line for reel baitcasting can be a challenge for even experienced fishermen, check this out. According to Keith Sutton of Bass Pro Shops, choosing the best fishing line for your baitcasting reel depends on a variety of factors, such as fish size and species, current conditions and type of tackle.
    FluorocarbonFluorocarbon combines a sensitive, less visible fishing line that can be used for various applications with a baitcasting reel. Ronald F. Dodson, Ph.D. And expert in bass fishing, says fluorocarbon is the best baitcast fishing line when using soft plastics such as worms or lizards. Fluorocarbon line is also ideal while fishing in extremely clear waters, in very bright conditions or when your fishing line is stationary. A disadvantage of fluorocarbon, however, is that it lacks durability on baitcasting reels and can be damaged during games.

    Braided Braidedline is more sturdy, does not stretch and allows you to reach maximum depth with your bait presentation. Sutton recommends avoiding overfilling the baitcasting reel with braided line which can lead to violent reactions during the casting. Fill the reel about an eighth of an inch from the edge of the reel. The combination of strength, micro diameter and ultra-sensitivity make braided line one of the best for baitcasting reels.

    MonofilamentFor beginners, the monofilament fishing line is ideal for baitcasting reels. Monofilament is a versatile fishing line that is easy to mold and can be used under most conditions. The shape of the monofilament line makes it easy to mold by reducing the potential of the sets, and reels correctly when retrieving the hook. In general, the monofilament line offers smooth molds, visibility to see your bait, easy knots and ability to float in the water.

    Fusion Fusionfishing lines are a blend of braided lines to enhance sensitivity and strength without adding weight and size. Improved sensitivity and strength make it the best fishing line when baitcasting for larger fish like muskie or pike. You can also convert fusion lines with ease and sensitivity and limited span will allow you to successfully set the hook when you have a fish bite the hook.

How to make an online diet

Lose weight on the internet can be the alternative for millions of people. Online diets offer an affordable solution for most, with no other requirement than an internet connection. In addition, they are much more flexible than other diets, since you can adapt them to your convenience. On the other hand, if you take advantage of all the resources to lose weight offered by the internet , they can be much more effective. Find out how to diet online and … get fit now!



dieting may not be something you especially like. However, when you have extra kilos, you know that is the only way to lose weight. It is also likely that you find more of a good excuse to postpone the onset of the diet forever.  That is not the best time, you do not have time to go to the nutritionist, you do not have money to pay it, it gives you shyness to go to the gym, etc, etc, etc … 


The list is endless. So …, why not lose weight on the internet ?

Online diets with Milagro Pastillas solve many of these difficulties, as they adapt to different possibilities, analyzing each need . You can create your own slimming plan , with the help of the excellent resources that the web offers you to lose weight. In addition, you can find containment and support in the forums to lose weight, where you will find others who like you need to lose weight, with whom you can share experiences. On the other hand, although the internet has been accused of increasing sedentarism and obesity, especially in children and adolescents, it has also been a useful tool in many cases of morbid obesity , such as that of Marc Rodwell, who lost more than 100 kilos, Thanks to video games .

In any case, this is just the beginning of everything the internet can do against your extra pounds . In the future, when you ask yourself how to do an online diet , the use of the gastric pacemaker to control your appetite , which will allow your nutritionist, to adjust your diet via the internet is probably widespread

As Seen On the Internet: Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet

The French brand Le Creuset does not stop to amaze us with the quality and design of its products. The Skillet Le Creuset cast iron skillet is a return to the roots of traditional cooking with a top quality product, very well built and that will last a long time in your kitchen without a doubt. Check and read reviews on the internet.

Cherry enameled cast iron

-5%Cherry enameled cast iron

Le creuset skillets serve for all kinds of cooking , even to make bread, biscuits or cookies. They are versatile pans that can be used in several ways.

The Skillet Le Creuset cast iron skillet is made entirely of this material. Both the handle and the body of the pan are united in a single piece which makes this pan is a robust pan, practically indestructible and suitable for all types of kitchens, including induction cookers.

Cast iron is a material that absorbs and retains heat exceptionally. Normally it is not necessary to apply much heat to the cooking with this type of material, but of course, this depends on the recipe that we do. The skillet skillet Le Creuset is ideal for cooking also in the oven since being built of a single piece of cast iron will withstand perfectly high cooking temperatures giving you excellent results. In fact this frying pan is so versatile that you can use it even in a barbecue.

Skillet Le Creuset Skillet

Key Features of the Skillet Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet

As we mentioned earlier, the cast iron skillet Le Creuset skillet is suitable for long cooking or high temperature cooking in a wide variety of heat sources. The classic design of the Skillet skillet is also supported by a handle on the side opposite the handle and two spouts on both sides of the pan body. As normally we will have to help with kitchen gloves to manipulate the pan when it is at high temperatures, the detail of the handle and the handle becomes very important to be able to have it controlled at all times.

Thanks to the ceramic glazing on the base, the skillet skillet Le Creuset cast iron is ideal to serve the food directly on the table obtaining an ideal presentation for all diners. The interior of the pan body has an enamel which, in addition to providing greater durability, also functions as a natural anti-adherent without any added chemicals.

With skillet skillet you can prepare all kinds of dishes. From the most traditional and classic to masses for bread, biscuits and everything you can imagine. The best thing is that this product is guaranteed by the own brand Le Creuset for life, which is sure to be inherited and will become an indispensable classic in your kitchen.

Care Skillet Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet

The care for this pan is minimal and unlike other materials it is not necessary to perform any cure prior to first use. Just scrub it and it’s ready to use. What is very important is not to cook with metal utensils since they can damage and scratch the surface of the pan and therefore, wear out the material very quickly. Always use wood or silicone utensils for cooking.

The Le Creuset skillet cast iron skillet is suitable for use in the dishwasher. We recommend that you wash at hand to take better care of it. If there are residues of the cooking adhered to the surface, leave them to rest in hot water for a few minutes and with the aid of a scouring pad, these will leave with ease.

In short, the skillet Le Creuset cast iron skillet is a very robust and durable product that with a minimum care will last a lifetime. The cast iron respects very well the taste and aroma of all the foods with which your way of cooking will change for the better and you will obtain a great results. We have written a specific post about cast iron pans that we invite you to read.

Health is needed on the Internet and social networks

Thanks to Internet and social networks, the patients become actors of their health, observed a French colloquium on e-health.

Nearly 60% of French people turn to the Internet as a priority to search for health information. A revolution that has not escaped the National Order of Physicians (Cnom) which organized 14 November a round table on “Dr. Google and cyber patients” as part of its Ethics Day. For the Cnom, the “Dr Google”, in other words this inexhaustible source of information via search engines at the click of patients, must meet two requirements: the protection of the confidentiality of personal health data and medical ethics. A useful reminder, because nowadays, patients do not just search for health information on the Internet, but they do not hesitate to share the results of their assessments and analyzes with a virtual community on forums and social networks (Such as Twitter or Facebook). Dr Michel Legmann, President of Cnom, cautioned, however: “These data are information whose improper use could have unfortunate consequences if disclosed without control.”

But the emergence of the Internet in the doctor-patient relationship is also an opportunity, according to Dr. Jacques Lucas, Cnom’s Vice-President and General Delegate for Health Information Systems, because “we should not be nostalgic for” An idyllic consultation that never existed “. Without going so far as to put the patient at the same level of expertise as the doctor, it is undeniable that the tool now makes it possible to broaden the patient’s knowledge about his disease. “It is easier to have a discussion with her doctor when we are informed,” says Catherine Cerisey , patient engaged in the development of e-health, “the interest is to be a partner in the care course “She adds. A new type of partnership, says public health professor oncologist Franck Chauvin: “The Internet puts the doctor-patient relationship from an extremely paternalistic and completely asymmetrical model to a much more balanced relationship.”

A new exchange between patients and doctors

For Dr. Lucas, “the doctor knows the disease, but the patient feels it in his flesh. It is in this space that a fruitful relationship can be built even if the relationship remains asymmetrical, because the knowledge is not the same “. In fact, it would be more appropriate to speak of an experienced patient, in the sense of the experience of the disease, rather than an expert patient, even if some come to possess a real expertise of their disease.

Discussions between patients are also double-edged, for what was true for a patient in a given situation and at a particular time is not necessarily for another patient, for example, a cancer with a different genetic profile or Other priorities in his daily life. This time, it is the experience of the doctor, who has known other patients suffering from the same disease, which will allow to individualize as best as possible the options available to the patient.

Less present than patients on the forums, doctors are very open to medical applications: “Nearly a third of them use their smartphone in consultation to prescribe. With a priority for consultation drug database and drug interactions, “says Lucie Tesquier specialist social health networks . According to her, applications to improve adherence and patient follow-up between two consultations will develop in the years to come: “It is estimated that there will be 500 million users of health applications by 2015.” Other Trend of background, pointed by the expert, the development of serious games, these games that allow to convey a pedagogical message in a playful way. They already exist, for example, to educate young people to excessive alcohol consumption or help patients identify triggers of allergic attacks . You can visit chiropractor near strathmore.

Superioir Online Landscaping Course

The present course of Landscape Design arises from the concern of several professionals who have been in the midst of landscaping for many years and we are fortunate to be working in landscape design, building landscape and at the same time transmitting our experience and knowledge through our School of Landscape Online .

The Agenda of the Advanced Course Landscape , was made based on the Program Planning and Landscape Design career at the University of Buenos Aires . 

Somehow these more than 20 years of professional experience we wanted to offer to all those who, enthusiasts of Landscape Design, are faced with the question of how to carry out the learning of this exciting profession.

The topics that make up this course are all useful and will be working tools in any design process that will face tomorrow. We include texts, an extensive bibliography and many information graphics to clearly understand all the contents developed throughout this course.

At the end of the Higher Course of Landscaping the student may exercise his activity as an independent professional or work for others (as a dependency), as the course offers the appropriate professional training to successfully access different proposals and jobs related to the Landscaping.

This course prepares you to have your first contact with all the tools necessary to practice the profession of landscaper in a professional way, from the analysis to the elaboration of a situation plan, the practice of perspectives, the elaboration of the program, zoning and guiding idea , The recognition and representation of different plant species, the scale representation of landscaping plans until the development of the landscape project.

Thanks to the methodology that has been implemented, our course will allow you to design and solve all project scales: from a simple balcony, a patio, a garden, a square, a park, a sports field … and not just design gardens.

In addition it will allow you to reach an integral formation to interact and work with other professionals related to the landscaping: architects, agricultural engineers, forestry technicians, surveyors, etc. At the end of the Higher Course of Landscaping the student may exercise his activity as an independent professional or work for others (as a dependency), as the course offers the appropriate professional training to successfully access different proposals and jobs related to the Landscaping. 

he methodology of work is very simple:
 Students, once hired the course, you are given a user key and its respective password, to access and to VIRTUAL CLASSROOM , where will find the lessons of the course, practical work, and all the teaching materials needed to The correct understanding of the proposed topics.

When entering the virtual classroom, you can download the theoretical material to the computer, read it directly or print it without being connected to the Internet.

Almost all the lessons have a practical work to be solved in an orderly and progressive way, that is to say that the practical one is solved and then the 2, the 3, etc. are solved.

Within the virtual classroom, you will also have a teacher who will practice the Online Tutoring of each student assisting them in the resolution of the practical work.

The student can communicate  via email with the teacher in charge of the course, obtaining a response on or n maximum within 24 hours , to all the questions you have students on study module.

You will also have access to a Forum in the classroom where you can leave your questions or suggestions and exchange comments with other students .

Another form of communication between student and teacher is through online chat which is within the virtual classroom, previously agreeing with the teacher, day and time of the meeting online.

Finally the resolution of the last practical work students will terminate the course, accessing a diploma in recognition of the same, which shall include data on the institution, student data, the number of hours and the signature of teachers and responsible for the course .


The Superior Landscaping Course lasts 4 months ( number of hours 150 hours) Tutorial and Training. Although the course can be extended more time, if the student requires it.

We recommend a two – time virtual classroom visits per week , to study the lessons and solve the practical work and corrections received from the teacher, yourself will go determining the time needed to complete the course.

The course is designed to solve the practical work progressively and to learn in an entertaining, relaxed and professional way.


The objective of this course is to provide interested students with the necessary tools to carry out the Landscaping Design process in a concrete and real example.

This is not a course of gardening, but of course Professional Landscaping , which responds to a clear and precise methodology to address landscape design professionally and interact with others related to the profession professionals, such as architects, agronomists , Surveyors, foresters, etc.



With the resolution of the last practical work (final delivery landscaping project)  you will terminate the course, providing Digital Landscape SL of Barcelona, the Certificate of Accreditation of participation, training and satisfactory completion of Advanced Course Landscaping , To perform in interdisciplinary teams, indicating all the pertinent details of the student, the course, the Institution, and the responsible teachers. The certificate carries DIGITAL SIGNATURE , ensuring the accuracy and validity.

How to clean your computer hardware

I’ve never cleaned my computer, I’ve only dusted the monitor, but I’ve never removed the cover or tried to reach the crumbs that are hidden inside my keyboard. And honestly I do not know the difference between cleaning with dusters or with compressed air cleaners, you can call professional washing service to help you.

If it is a desktop or laptop computer, dust and lint can clog the ventilation grilles. This can cause the computer brain, ie the central processing unit (CPU) to become hot. Heat is the main cause of failure of the components in computers. Regular cleaning can save costly maintenance costs in the future.

Follow these five simple steps to clean and maintain your computer. With these steps you can keep your equipment and accessories bright and as new. It is an easy way to solve problems of computer operation and that the life of this device is extended to the maximum.

Not what you were looking for?

If you are trying to clean your computer, in the sense of clean virus software , is a guide on the Microsoft Web security, which provides a series of instructions for making a free security scan. This antivirus can be easily downloaded from the web that we have already indicated. If what you are trying to find is tips on how to clean up system clutter and unwanted files to make your programs run faster, you can find these help articles by automatically speeding up your computer maintenance programs and optimizing the Computer for maximum performance and remove programs you no longer need.

For cleaning the pc you need:

– A screwdriver

– Can of compressed air, available in computer stores or office supply stores. In their absence it would be worth a pear of air that they sell in photo shops.

– Cotton wipes, do not use cotton balls

– Alcohol

– Soft, lint-free cloths, paper towels, or anti-static wipes

– Water

– Safety glasses, optional

Important: Always turn off the computer and disconnect the power supply before performing any of these steps.

Step 1: Remove the computer case

If you see dust or dirt accumulated, around the entrances of your desktop or laptop computer, you can be sure that there is more inside, and that this will only cause problems. To remove it, you will have to open the box. This action may seem more intimidating than it really is. Before you begin, of course, make sure that the computer is off and disconnected from the power supply.


Manufacturers’ policies vary but, in some cases, opening the equipment box may void the warranty. You can even find a warning label on the case. Review the terms of the warranty before continuing.

For desktop computers there are small variations, since the manufacturers of computers of this type of mechanism, use different types of fixation to secure the box. In modern equipment there are usually two or more small buttons located on the back of the computer, you can turn it by hand or sometimes just press them, to release the side panel or the central shell of the box. Other models may require more trouble, they have to remove two or more screws. If in doubt, consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions.

For laptops. Place the computer face down on a table or other stable surface. You may want to put a towel or paper under the computer to avoid scratches and scuffs. Then the battery has to be removed. On most laptops, the ventilation holes are located on the bottom of the computer, behind the battery, there is the box fixed with several screws, these are very small and are usually the Phillips brand, you can also Find another variety of screws, which can be of different lengths. Remove them, and make sure not to lose any.

Once you have accessed the fans and have the box removed from the laptop or desktop computer, touch as little as possible inside the computer, keep your fingers away from the cards and cables. Look for specks of dust or lint in corners and cracks. Wipe it gently with a pair of tweezers or a cotton wipe. It is then necessary to blow compressed air around all the components and along the bottom of the box, keeping the nozzle at least ten centimeters away from the machine. Blow air into the power supply box and fan.

Try to direct the pressurized air stream, so that the fluff comes out and away from cracks and gaps. It is a very good idea to wear safety glasses to prevent dust from getting into your eyes.

Take special care when blowing delicate circuits because excessive pressure can break a blade or damage the bearings. Place the can of compressed air well away, and apply constant air bursts. As a precaution, you can also carefully immobilize the fan blades with your fingertip or a cotton wipe while using compressed air.

Finally, blow air on the floppy disk, CD or DVD, and I / O ports, with delicacy and not too aggressive. Wipe the inside of the cover with a slightly dampened cloth and dry it before changing it.

It is recommended to do this every three months, if you have the computer on the floor, if you have pets that give off hair, or if you smoke. Otherwise, cleaning can be done for longer periods is recommended from six to eight months.


Step 2: Clean external computer slots

Grab a cotton swab moistened with alcohol and pass it around all the openings on the outside of your computer. Give them a pass with the end of a damp cloth and with the other ends of the cloth, which is not wet to dry it. Do this as many times as you clean the inside of the equipment.

Step 3: Clean the keyboard

Turn the keyboard face down and shake gently so that most of the crumbs and dust fall out. It takes a can of compressed air and blows it in and around the keys. Then, take a cotton towel and immerse yourself in alcohol. This has to be moist but not soggy. Gently wipe the cotton wipe around the outside of each key. It rubs the top of the keys, above all do not skimp on the ones with the wipes, you have to use those that you need. Once these become dirty they are discarded, and changed to new ones. If you have a laptop, follow the same procedure, but you should be especially careful with the equipment and when you manipulate them can damage the screen. It is recommended to clean the keyboard once a month.

It is tempting to use a vacuum cleaner to suck the debris out of the keyboard and other parts of the computer, but technicians warn that it can create a static electric charge that can actually damage the sensitive electronic components of the computer.

Watch out for spilled liquid on computers:

If you use too much alcohol, it may leak through the keyboard and spills may occur, if this happens, turn off the computer, unplug the keyboard, and turn it over. While the keyboard is face down, dry the keys with a paper towel, blow compressed air between the keys and let it air dry overnight. After a while you can see that all traces of moisture have evaporated before using the keyboard again. Liquid spills on laptops need more attention because the liquid can easily penetrate the keyboard and damage internal parts. For spills on laptops, turn off the computer and remove any external power supply and other items connected to it. You have to turn the laptop, remove the battery, and then take it to a repair center, the nearest to check for internal damage. Simply blowing compressed air on the keyboard and letting it dry at night, sometimes is not enough since the liquid can sit inside a laptop for days.

For all spills, keep in mind that anything other than water can cause serious damage, and never try to dry a keyboard or laptop in the microwave or in the conventional oven.

Step 4: The Mouse

Disconnect the mouse from the computer. Rub the top and bottom of the mouse with a piece of paper moistened with alcohol. Scrape the dirt with the nail. If you have an optical mouse, make sure there is lint as it can obscure the light emitting lens at the bottom of the mouse.


If using a mechanical mouse, open the bottom of the mouse and draw the ball. (In most cases, just turn the plastic ring that surrounds the ball a quarter turn to the left.) Wash the ball with water and let it air dry. To clean the interior of a mechanical mouse, immerse a cotton swab in alcohol and rub all interior components, paying special attention to small rollers where dirt tends to accumulate. Finally, blow compressed air into the opening and ensure that the interior is dry. Replace ball and cap.

It is recommended to clean the mouse monthly.

Step 5: Monitor

To clean liquid crystal displays (LCDs), and flat screens, lightly moisten a soft, lint-free cloth with running water. Microfiber cloths are excellent for this purpose. Avoid using paper bursts, which can leave tiny specks of dust and paper on the surface of the screen. Do not spray liquid directly on the screen, always spray the cloth first. Gently wipe the screen to remove dust and fingerprints. You can also purchase monitors cleaning products at computer stores.

For monitor glass, such as a TV screen, use a glass cleaner that you would use to clean your home. Unless the manufacturer recommends otherwise, do not use alcohol or ammonia cleaners that may damage the anti-reflective coatings. And never try to open the casing of a CRT monitor, the capacitors inside it can keep a dangerous electrical load even after the monitor has been disconnected.

Clean the monitor weekly. Finally, make sure everything is dry before connecting the computer back to the electricity.

Protocol hCG Diet under Internet Medical Surveillance

HCG Basic Information Internet

The following hcgdietinfo provides data on HCG that are not widely known among program patients or most doctors. HCG is the human chorionic hormone for its acronyms in English. It is better known as the pregnancy hormone produced by the embryo after conception and is the hormone used in pregnancy tests.

When produced during pregnancy, HCG is intended to help keep the corpus luteum intact. The corpus luteum, which is part of the ovary, is integral in maintaining the production of progesterone during human pregnancy. In addition, researchers believe that HCG provides the pregnant woman with additional immunity during pregnancy. The high levels of HCG produced in pregnancy do not cause negative effects on the body of the pregnant woman. In fact, doctors have used HCG for many years to help women with hormonal problems or infertility problems in doses 100 times higher than those used in our protocol.

While HCG is commonly associated with pregnancy, it can also occur during disease processes with certain types of tumors. Therefore, testing for elevated levels of HCG can also help the doctor recognize the existence of tumors in the body.

Recently, researchers have found that HCG can help burn body fat and can be used to aid in weight loss by combining with a healthy low calorie diet and a moderate exercise routine. This finding confirmed the work of Dr. ATW Simeons, who used HCG combined with a 500 calorie diet to direct the bodies of overweight people to burn fat instead of muscle. Although HCG is associated with pregnancy, it can safely be used in both men and women seeking to take control of their weight.

Other positive effects that have been associated with HCG therapy include: Increased energy without experiencing nervousness; Clearer thoughts; Improvement in sleep at night; Feeling less irritable.

Some negative effects that are associated with HCG therapy are mostly mild and do not cause problems for most people and include: Breast pain; Headaches; Edema or swelling.

Why does hCG work?

Much misinformation is spreading about how the HCG works. In short, in times of food shortages, HCG evolved to direct the body of pregnant women to use their own fat as a source of calories for the developing fetus. Dr. Simeons simply discovered that this hormone does the same in nonpregnant women, as well as in men. HCG directs the body to use calories from fats. This is the fundamental explanation.

The way the HCG works, to be sure, is much more complex. Dr. Simeons explained that HCG influences the hypothalamus in the brain to guide the metabolism of body fat. Although this explanation was ignored for years, in 1994 a fat-burning hormone was discovered that supports the theory of Dr. Simeons. This discovery was the hormone called leptin, which is also a protein hormone that directs the body to burn fat in communication with the hypothalamus. This has been the biggest discovery on fat metabolism during the past centenary, and many doctors either do not know it or do not know what to do with this information. In a publication in the Journal of Endocrinology (Agu. 2007) it states: “HCG significantly stimulates the secretion of pro-adipogenic factor, leptin, from human adipose tissue.” No one yet knows how these hormones work together, however, the interdependence of HCG, leptin and insulin, is certainly critical in the way we store and use body fat. These hormones have a delicate balance since we can develop resistance to them, which implies a loss of control over the use of fats stored in our body as energy sources.

How is hCG produced?

Calling HCG a hormone usually creates confusion in people by thinking that it is steroid hormones like estrogen and testosterone. HCG is not biochemically similar to steroid hormones. It is a protein hormone and therefore can be produced through genetic engineering and also obtained from the urine of pregnant women. Pregnyl, Follutein, Profasi and Novarel are HCG brand names isolated in the urine.

Ovidrel, on the other hand, is the hallmark of a genetically engineered product. Although the HCG produced by these cells is identical to that of human HCG it is not complete. However, most forms of genetically engineered HCG are as physiologically active as those of the human body itself.

There are many formulations of misleading supplements claiming to be hCG but when evaluating their components they are only dietary supplements in liquid formulation without any hCG protein content and with safety profiles not studied or established.

Will hCG work for you?

You can get information about this treatment on the radio, television, and the Internet where the program is announced in the clinics and spas. Kevin Trundeau wrote a book on curing overweight and his experience with this weight loss program with HCG. Positive testimonials are thousands.

None of this information nor the vision of modern medicine can predict with certainty whether a person will get the results you want with the HCG. Not even the best drugs have 100% effectiveness in all people who use it. The creator of this program, Dr. ATW Simeons was never 100% successful.In observations of those people who have not been so successful the lack of success corresponds to not following the protocol strictly. This is precisely what has led to the negative results of scientific experiments (ie an experimental design that does not follow the protocol accurately).

The answer to the question is: that you will have to find out for yourself if the HCG protocol will work for you. Your success with HCG will definitely be better if you believe it works. This is not a placebo effect. This is the power of the human mind to control our physiological processes.

The Vision of Modern Medicine

Generally speaking modern medicine has nothing good to say about HCG and weight loss. Some studies have shown positive results and others have shown that there is no difference compared to a placebo. A survey of doctors on the Internet showed a majority of doctors against this. The key to interpreting a scientific study is to know exactly how it was designed, how the subject’s variations were adjusted, how the experiment was conducted, the statistical techniques used to analyze the data and the validity of its conclusions in comparison with the results obtained.Unfortunately it is very difficult to get the whole truth of scientific publications. Medical prejudices exist for the use of multiple treatments that do not produce money for pharmaceutical companies. According to experts on the subject, most medical treatments outside the general practice of medicine that offer real health benefits have been exposed to criticism and suppression.

Maximizing results with the hCG program

Using hCG injections is just the beginning, and could be misused if you do not know what you are doing. For this reason, we have created an individualized program under medical supervision that pursues a successful and healthy weight loss. At Women’s Wellness we include you in our program:

  • Medical evaluation of your health status.
  • Supplements to maximize the absorption of nutrients in your diet, increase metabolism, and control the peaks of glucose and insulin that affect your fat metabolism.
  • Complete instructions and recipes to get the results that you want.
  • Consultations with our professional counselors to guide you from start to finish, step by step, to your healthy weight and maintain it in the long term.
  • Internet and text message support group.

Deleting Internet browsing data

They may be several circumstances that force safely clean all data that is stored on your computer when you surf the Internet. If we are using a shared with others, for example in the workplace computer and do not want to find out where kayaked, we need to install a tool that addresses delete all the data. Data scrubbing perfectly fulfills that mission. It deals with maintaining your privacy by allowing easily remove all computer tracks, including browser cache, the cookies , web sites visited, typed URLs, recently opened documents, and other items.

What does Eusing Internet Window Washer?

His work is highly efficient. Not only it handles erase the traces left by the most popular web browsers but also makes the process of cleaning the tracks left by the various applications that make up Microsoft Office, the instant messaging programs and a host of other applications. In addition also it makes the necessary cleaning in custom folders.


overwrites files

Eusing Internet Window Washer also offers the option to overwrite deleted several times in order to avoid they can be retrieved by applications for this purpose, such as files Recuva .

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Among the various options offered by this application include the following:

  • In addition to eliminating traces of visits by web browsers like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, cookies and also deletes all history.
  • also removes the history of recently opened documents, files stored in the Recycle Bin, or history files stored in the system.
  • Clean the search history on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • It supports more than 100 applications.
  • It allows configuration files and Windows Registry entries to be cleaned.
  • Close all open browser with a single mouse click.
  • And some more…

To consider

This is not the only application for such work. Here we have discussed, just three days ago Privacy Eraser Free , but there’s more: Avira Browser Safety , Eusing Cleaner , or Privacy Agent , just to mention a few.


This is a free application that, yes, occasionally requests a donation after opening a window, you can evade donation. It runs on the latest versions of Windows. To get ityou have to access Eusing Internet Window Washer . Among the supported languages is Spanish.

Smartwatches best you can buy today

This time we review what the best Smartwatches today, in order that if you are thinking about buying one of these incredible devices, choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

If for some reason you think it’s time to update your traditional clock, who has surely accompanied you for years, for something a little more current, but I really do not know if more needed something to show you notifications on the wrist and which of course you can add several applications to meet different needs.

If you are thinking so certainly you need a SmartWatch, but the question that follows, which usually people who are thinking about buying a SmartWatch are made, is that I buy, where should I look for, which are good and which no, well then you will clarify any questions you may have or at least try to clarify the most important. Here are the features to consider, along with smart watches first class there today in the market.

If we go back to the past, we realize that the calculator watch has been around since the 1970s, but the Smartwatches have reached the point of being what they are, just for being “smart”.

The implementation of various applications, to show notifications smartphones, to monitor the heart rate, the latest crop of Smartwatches does more than just tell time. It is important to know what to look for in order to keep the following tips in mind when making a purchase of some of the best Smartwatches.

Device Compatibility

Naturally, the first thing you’ll want to consider when buying a SmartWatch is compatibility. Many of the currently available devices use Android Wear, Google’s operating system designed. The latest update of Android Wear adds support for iOS, but these are still very focused on Android devices.Watch Apple, as expected, it is strictly connected to devices with iOS, so that only serves those who have an iPhone. Other watches, work with both Android and iOS. Be sure to choose a watch that is compatible with the mobile device which owns. Unfortunately, there are no clocks that support Blackberry or Windows devices.

The applications

What separates an intelligent watch a normal watch, is a number of things, but applications could be the most important.
Like smartphones, application availability is a good way to determine which product to get, so be sure to check out the selection of applications for each watch before buying it .
and if you are looking for applications, Apple and Pebble are your best options. Watch Apple probably has the largest number of high quality applications, but Pebble no slouch. Android Wear also has its share, but the interest of developers certainly seems to be on the side of Apple. While Samsung and LG do not seem to attract much attention from developers.

The world of Fitness

Unless you want a gadget on both wrists (not the coolest, in my opinion), you’ll want a smartwatch that can perform double duty as a tracker exercise, or any other portable device that was thinking about buying.Most Smartwatches are able to track the basic activity, like steps, but we must pay close attention to the additional functions. Moto Sport 360, for example, with its built-in GPS function, you can track their careers without the help of a companion device. It also has a built-in heart rate sensor. So far there are no clocks that can really compete with a fitness tracker top-of-the-line dedicated, but at least should be able to find one that tracks most activities you want to monitor.

Battery duration

Most likely you want one SmartWatch with good battery life, right? Well, because you will not get it . Watches with all their color, their screens smartphone but smaller, running similar applications, whether in this case is Apple or Android, the battery charge will not last more than a day. Like the phone, you’ll want to connect it to a charger every night before going to bed.
Pebble wins wars of battery life, but it does so at the expense of display technology. All Pebble watches can last from a week to 10 days, with a screen that is always on. The downside is they have a poor quality screen, and as well as save energy. These screens fulfill its purpose well enough to show the information required, but when compared with screens Smartwatches high end, the difference is too note.

The price

The Smartwatches can be very expensive, but that does not mean you have to spend a lot of money to get a good one. Yes, yellow 18 – carat gold Apple is what attracts you, you must pay something like US $ $ 17,000, even the base model costs $ 349, which places it among the most expensive Smartwatches from the list.
If it is the first time you buy a smartwatch, you might want to think about going for the not so expensive, luckily, the original Pebble can get US $ 100.

Remember that you’re not buying for life

Unlike a normal wrist watch good, the Smartwatches tend not to last much longer than a Smartphone, this is because each year comes a new model, which brings new features, better technology and of course a new design.So keep well in mind when buying the SmartWatch you are buying it will not have for more than two years at most.

But if you’re looking for the best SmartWatch available today, options I present here are the best I’ve seen so far.

1. Pebble Smartwatch

the best smartwatshes 2016 Pebble TimeRating: Excellent

Simple design. Easy Setup. Instant notifications. Customizable clock. It syncs with Android or iOS.

Increased compatibility with iOS apps for Android.

The sleek – looking Pebble SmartWatch fulfills its promise to give wireless notifications on your wrist, and while there is still some minor bugs that need to be resolved, the potential of this watch is huge.

2. Pebble Smartwatch Steel

the best smartwatshes 2016 Pebble SteelRating: Excellent

Stylish high – end. Easy to use. Customizable clock. The growing application store and feature set loo make a very attractive device.


The Pebble Steel has a sophisticated design with a thriving store applications, and consolidating its place above the competition.

3. Pebble Time

the best smartwatshes 2016 Pebble Time 2Rating: Excellent

Excellent battery life. Always color screen. Functionality voice to text conversion. Instant notifications. Comfortable. A lot of applications. It syncs with Android or iOS.

The application store can improve not updated very often.

The Pebble Time brings a color screen and a microphone, which is a good choice for those who acquire for the first time Smartwatch.

4. Apple Watch

Apple the best smartwatshes 2016Rating: Excellent

Attractive design. Secure and comfortable fit. A lot of third party applications.

Costly. The battery goes fast. Little functionality without an iPhone connected.

watch SmartWatch Apple is the best on the market, but it is more a luxury than a replacement for your ordinary watch.

5. Huawei Watch

the best smartwatshes 2016 huaweiRating: Very Good

Attractive design. Nice presentation. Monitor heartbeat. Relatively good battery life.

Costly. Android Wear is an acquired taste.

The SmartWatch Huawei looks great and works well, but requires a lot ofmoney and a love for Android Wear.


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25 years have passed since the creation which managed Tim Berners-Lee and his team: a network able to connect several computers together and be able to share information. It was in 1991 when communication between external to the European Council for Nuclear Research (computers CERN ) was a fact.

Here we present some of the films that have taken advantage of this resource, either realistically, a sci-fi way or even romantic. You can watch it on movie25.

Hard Candy (Dir. David Slade, 2005)


Hard Candy (Dir. David Slade, 2005)


A minor is left to do with a man she met on the internet, he takes her home but the situation takes an unexpected turn. Just this should be the film that should project in schools for girls to take care of themselves … and step children see a lesson.

Disconnect (Dir. Henry Alex Rubin, 2012)


Disconnect (Dir. Henry Alex Rubin, 2012)


A drama centered on the relationships we have through internet the more we disconnect with the real world.From addiction to online games to pornographic services communication.

War Games (Dir. John Badham, 1983)


War Games (Dir. John Badham, 1983)


One of the first hacker in the history of cinema. In fact, this film is used for the first time the term firewall.And we will soon see Steven Spielberg recreate fragments of the film in Ready Player One, as an essential part of the mission of the protagonist Parzival.

The Net (Dir. Irwin Winkler, 1994)


The Net (Dir. Irwin Winkler, 1994)


One of the first mainstream films where they played with this idea and paranoia of excessive use of access to personal information. That and Sandra Bullock could do home office and be a hermit.

Tron Legacy (Dir. Joseph Kosinski, 2010)


Tron Legacy (Dir. Joseph Kosinski, 2010)


The creation of a man is out of hand and receives help your child to prevent a program conquer not only the virtual world but the real. It is interesting to observe how Flynn asks his son everything that has changed the world during his absence and witness that the inventor had had the idea of the world wide web.

The Matrix (Dir. Wachowskis, 1999)


The Matrix (Dir. Wachowskis, 1999)


What can we say that has not been said already one of the iconic films of the twentieth century? Perhaps more be in the twentieth century, their place is in the XXI. As other data, the phone that reaches the first call Neo Morpheus is a Nokia 8110, the first phone with ability to send SMS messages.

Social Network (Dir. David Fincher, 2010)


Social Network (Dir. David Fincher, 2010)


“How a movie about Facebook, but what nonsense !?” It was what many said was just beginning its preproduction, but then came Fincher shut our mouths with a play about corruption, deceit and obsession with being the center of attention … even a girl.

Her (Dir. Spike Jonze, 2013)


Her (Dir. Spike Jonze, 2013)


Like Social Network, the idea of a man falling in love with your operating system sounded ridiculous, but in the hands of Jonze, we have a great story about love and being in love. We can not forget that telltale twist of Samantha that breaks her heart to Theodore.

Pirates of Silicon Valley (Dir. Martyn Burke, 1999)


Pirates of Silicon Valley (Dir. Martyn Burke, 1999)


Leave aside the Steve Jobs of Michael Fassbender or Ashton Kutcher, the true creator of Apple brought to the screen was Noah Wyle in this fun and solidly founded version of the battle of Apple and Microsoft in its early years.

You’ve got mail (Dir. Nora Ephron, 1998)


You've got mail (Dir. Nora Ephron, 1998)


Remake of The Shop Around The Corner 1940, where the protagonists were secret mail friends, now the couple falls in love via e-mail, if a remake today exist 20 social networks easily available to befriend be made. Interested? Want to watch movies? Check this website Putlocker.

SEO efficient a safe investment

Every day technologies are becoming more presence in the labor dumb and in everyday life, which is why being present in this is critical to the success of our desires as entrepreneurs.

Currently the vast majority of companies are already multinationals or SMEs have website , but they are not getting much less could perform these. Currently the Spanish population almost entirely uses Google as search portal, so this is a fundamental element to make us see.

The team Socialfarma work so that your business takes off your total performance Internet and for this we use 3 basic elements SEO SEM SMO . But today we will focus on what the   Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) or organic positioning is one of the best systems to take performance to their website appear on the first page of Google search portal . A very low percentage looks over the 10 results provided by the search engine, why it is so important to be in top positionsto be visible.


How SEO is done?

A good positioning takes work and time but some results very profitable . To appear and be in the top results must optimize the web content , the optimization is a review of keywords that will be responsible for positioning our levels which are relevant to the algorithms of Google .The URL and its roots are one of the key elements in positioning the titles of each section and all the words that stand out in bold are elements that prevail in the indexing of the web page.

Moreover , the linkbuilding which comes to creating Page Rank , is another key element to create and position our element and this can only be achieved through the placement of links that direct our page with the right keywords. One of the best ways to choose our keywords is tomake a list of all of them and choose those that best describe our business or ourselves for such use.

To let us know and improve our positioning is also very helpful to be active and present in different relevant forums with our content.

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Protections offered online for planting marijuana

They perform procedures with COFEPRIS through two websites; to attract customers, portals claim to follow the legal steps SMART

The Marihuana Amparo site reports that the pay 5 thousand 500 pesos and answer a series of data anyone over age can apply for a permit before the Cofepris for recreational use

As if any consumer product two websites offer their services to process protections to the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS) to plant, harvest, pipes for sale, transport and use marijuana legally. In addition, one of these pages offering complete the formalities to obtain an injunction and be able to use marijuana medicinally.

To attract future customers, both portals claim to follow the legal steps that made the Mexican Society of Autoconsumo Responsible Tolerant (SMART) and for which, in November last year, four people earning under the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJ) for planting, cultivating, harvesting, preparing, possessing and transporting marijuana in the country.

In the portal Lawyers Legal Vertex, which reports that it is a law firm, offered by 4 000 950 process the amparo to consume cannabis sativa playful way. The site recommends that only this legal tool seniors, in full possession of his mental faculties and not engaged “sowing scale, distribution, transfer or sale of marijuana or its derivatives, albeit handmade” .

For 19 thousand 640 pesos this report points out that they dealt with the Cofepris an injunction for the therapeutic use of the herb, but recommends that request only patients whose doctors have diagnosed a condition and prescribed medicines prepared from the plant for treatment.

“The remedy for therapeutic use allows you to request protection of the federal justice system to import, store and consume medicines based on cannabis or whose active ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol and depending on therapeutic or medical criteria, and under the rule of law health and well-being before the prohibition policy. ”

Page reports that these protections are a mechanism of legal defense against “the abuse by the prohibitionists responsible authorities” in addition to implement public policies that lead to widespread violence, they said, “systematically violate laws and acts fundamental rights Mexican citizens. ”

Business opportunity. Meanwhile, the site Marihuana Amparo, which is operated by the office RTS SC, reports that by paying 5 thousand 500 pesos and answer a series of data that does not take longer than 30 minutes, anyone over age in any state you can apply for a permit before the Cofepris for recreational use of marijuana.

In an interview with El Universal , Andres Gutierrez Ruiz, a member of this office, he said that with the permission of the Supreme Court which granted a window of opportunity opens to create jurisprudence and that will take advantage.

“We see it as a business opportunity for the office, as well as help generate case law, in order to decriminalize the substance and the use thereof. I provide a service to facilitate access to marijuana legally. The Supreme Court took action and take the same path. ”

He added that although they have no contact with lawyers or consultants who helped the collective SMART to obtain permission to use marijuana legally, carried out the same legal procedures they performed.

Gutierrez said that so far, the firm has entered before the Cofepris 12 requests for people wanting to get permission to use marijuana legally, also indicated that calculate the time waiting to give permission to their customers will be an average of seven to nine months.

“The application of Cofepris can enter from one day to another. The Commission has up to 90 days to respond and could enter the amparo and review before the Supreme Court. We estimate approximately between 7 and 9 months of the procedure, that if the Cofepris take 90 days to decide, “he said.

The lawyer said that most customers who have hired their services to consume legal marijuana, are mostly men between 20 and 36 years with residence in Mexico City.

“We’ve been called Guadalajara and Colima, but requests that have resulted in their entirety are Mexico City. There are mostly male, aged between 25 and 36 years, “he added.

Does the Wi-Fi affects health?

Excessive contact with the radiation emitted by mobile phones, laptops and tablets could be dangerous to the human body. Should we turn off the router when not in use? Is it better to “hands-free” cell? How far we stand from the computer? Advice of specialists in the field to prevent overexposure to Wi-Fi.



woman technology

Wireless devices -the mobile phones, laptops and Tablets- became so ubiquitous that it’s hard to imagine life without them. While these devices have revolutionized the way we communicate, it is also true that create non-ionizing electromagnetic fields -radiaciones that when emitted at sufficient levels, can heat biological tissues, according to several studies and concluded acknowledged by the European Union . There is already concern about the excessive use of Wi-Fi and new technologies, especially in public places such as schools and hospitals.

For the Spanish Joan Carles López, an expert in radiation Geobiology and habitat, it is not resist using new technologies, but to use “common sense”.So it is asking people to take “awareness” and then “Electric hygiene.”

But is there a real basis for asserting that wireless devices are harmful to human health? The World Health Organization (WHO) argues that the main consequence of the interaction between radio frequency energy and the human body is the heating of tissues. In the case of the frequencies used by mobile phones, most of the energy is absorbed by the skin and other superficial tissues, so that the temperature rise in the brain or other organs is negligible.

So the Wi-Fi is harmful or not?

“Exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi is highest since the computer from the router,” argues Elisabeth Cardis, head of the “Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology” (CREAL) in Catalonia, Spain. After several investigations concluded that “if the RF source is not attached to the head, the exposure level is very low.” Luckily, the computer or one meter 60 centimeters inside the body.

CREAL performed “Interphone” one of the most important studies that were conducted on the subject. It was attended by 13 countries, and as a result some evidence to show that those with more cumulative hours of cell phone use might be more likely to develop a rare brain tumor called glioma were found.

On the other hand, patients who participated in the investigation began to use mobile phones at a later age than young people today, if you consider that a cancer or tumor can take years to manifest. For this reason the WHO considers that it is still nothing said about whether it is dangerous or not, and that should deepen research in specific population groups such as children and adolescents.

Prevention tips

To avoid risks, take some precautions:

* Zoom the head phone and using “hands-free” to talk or send text messages.

* Using lift x o que é.

* Place the access point Wi-Fi at least one meter away from places where people often stay longer as beds, tables, sofas or playgrounds.

* The transfer of large data files or “streaming media” should only be performed when the connection is established between the portable device and the access point in a room it is of good quality to avoid retransmissions, leading to cycles of higher labor and the largest exposures.

* In places where Wi-Fi is often used, coverage should be good enough.

* Access points must be turned off when not in use, because even when not using Wi-Fi, the device transmits beacon signals on every 102 meters.

* In public spaces it is preferable to install a single Wi-Fi network coverage to all teams back to the old system or cable Internet.

Wi-fi Router, better be far away from children and pregnant

It is not seen, but a study of Ob/GYN Center indicates that magnetic fields can affect the health of unborn children, that 68% could suffer obesity problems.

The wi-fi utility we know it all. Fast and wireless connections above all, without the need of cables, plugs and several limitations.

A little less is know about side effects to health: the risks for adults are almost zero, but, as it maintains the Codacons of Italy (Association for the defense of the environment and the rights of users and consumers) in the light of a Californian study published in Nature completo Scientific Reports, for babies not born yet the situation is different.

According to this research, the exposure in the womb to relatively strong magnetic fields, such as those generated by a microwave or devices, wi-fi, increases the risk of obesity in children.

Scientists stand out in particular that, if the exposure is high, the risk of having an overweight child increases by 69%. The study, conducted by the Kaiser Permanente Consortium, closely followed the pregnancy of hundreds of American women, and then monitored the development of 733 of children up to the age of 13 in 33 different life phases.

The final analysis of the data revealed a directly proportional connection between exposure to electromagnetic fields and obesity levels. An alarming conclusion by Codacons which, in application of the principle of precaution and waiting for a definite part of the scientists answer, calls interrupt “the flow of devices wi-fi initiated by many cities”.

Administrations of Government that were made or are making the coverage are in fact increasingly numerous wi-fi in all the communal territory, to allow free access to the Internet as well for citizens and tourists.

A type of connection, underlines the consumers Association, which “seems to have now become a political career in the name of modernity.It is a pity that until now no one has been able to exclude the possible consequences for the health of the man, as shown by the study which has just been published.”

That is why, according to Codacons, should be prohibited unless the installation of wi-fi in the proximity of asylums, schools, public parks, hospitals, libraries and other sensitive places, frequented by children and pregnant women.women.

Movies on the Internet: the new way to watch movies

Watch movies online legally seems to be the trend that will continue the film industry in the coming years.

Movies on the Internet: the new way to watch movies

They seem too distant those days when the only option to see a good movie at home was to go to thenearest video club and rent it . The VHS were our most precious object and allow enjoy films in complete comfort.

Then came the DVDs, which helped expand the supply and improve the quality of the films . But at the same time, piracy rates rose and the industry began to lose money.

Today, movie studios strive to create new strategies on the one hand, adapt to new times and otherwise generate profits. Meet some of his actions:

Warner Bros can rent movies on Facebook

Warner Bros decided to compete with YouTube and Google and will allow Facebook users fromrenting movies thanks to an app that Warner will release there.

The main tool to rent the movies are Facebook Credits, which allow you to buy things without using third party services like Paypal and thus pay rent movies.

of course, Faceebook will keep a percentage of revenue, to be a beneficial deal for both parties.

what is known is that the value to rent a film is 30 credits. The user can see for 48 hours as often asdesired. The first film available will be Batman, The Dark Knight.

According to Warner the idea seeks to expand the space of the company regarding the digital distribution of content and also reduce piracy.

At the moment the service is only available for users of EU but eventually reach other countries.

 Project Free TV offers HD movies for free

Sony launches “My Daily Clip”

If Warner Bross use Facebook to rent movies, Sony Pictures will not be left behind. The studio is launching a new app for the iPad and iPhone called “My Daily Clip” which gives users a clip from the library of Sony to enjoy every day.

The clips will not only be available for viewing on the app, too for social networks with links to many outlets to buy on iTunes.

According to Sony, it is not impossible that other studies begin to distribute their content via apps like these.


Another ideal for movie buffs who do not want to see a whole movie, but only a specific part. Page

This is AnyClips, a company that specializes in the digitization of films and created a database. By entering you can search for exact phrases, exact moments half a minute or a minute into the film with the advantage not to download it from the Internet or anything.

Everything is absolutely legal, because there are several studies that have provided licenses. One that has made alliance with AnyClip is Universal.