Protections offered online for planting marijuana

They perform procedures with COFEPRIS through two websites; to attract customers, portals claim to follow the legal steps SMART

The Marihuana Amparo site reports that the pay 5 thousand 500 pesos and answer a series of data anyone over age can apply for a permit before the Cofepris for recreational use

As if any consumer product two websites offer their services to process protections to the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS) to plant, harvest, pipes for sale, transport and use marijuana legally. In addition, one of these pages offering complete the formalities to obtain an injunction and be able to use marijuana medicinally.

To attract future customers, both portals claim to follow the legal steps that made the Mexican Society of Autoconsumo Responsible Tolerant (SMART) and for which, in November last year, four people earning under the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJ) for planting, cultivating, harvesting, preparing, possessing and transporting marijuana in the country.

In the portal Lawyers Legal Vertex, which reports that it is a law firm, offered by 4 000 950 process the amparo to consume cannabis sativa playful way. The site recommends that only this legal tool seniors, in full possession of his mental faculties and not engaged “sowing scale, distribution, transfer or sale of marijuana or its derivatives, albeit handmade” .

For 19 thousand 640 pesos this report points out that they dealt with the Cofepris an injunction for the therapeutic use of the herb, but recommends that request only patients whose doctors have diagnosed a condition and prescribed medicines prepared from the plant for treatment.

“The remedy for therapeutic use allows you to request protection of the federal justice system to import, store and consume medicines based on cannabis or whose active ingredient is tetrahydrocannabinol and depending on therapeutic or medical criteria, and under the rule of law health and well-being before the prohibition policy. ”

Page reports that these protections are a mechanism of legal defense against “the abuse by the prohibitionists responsible authorities” in addition to implement public policies that lead to widespread violence, they said, “systematically violate laws and acts fundamental rights Mexican citizens. ”

Business opportunity. Meanwhile, the site Marihuana Amparo, which is operated by the office RTS SC, reports that by paying 5 thousand 500 pesos and answer a series of data that does not take longer than 30 minutes, anyone over age in any state you can apply for a permit before the Cofepris for recreational use of marijuana.

In an interview with El Universal , Andres Gutierrez Ruiz, a member of this office, he said that with the permission of the Supreme Court which granted a window of opportunity opens to create jurisprudence and that will take advantage.

“We see it as a business opportunity for the office, as well as help generate case law, in order to decriminalize the substance and the use thereof. I provide a service to facilitate access to marijuana legally. The Supreme Court took action and take the same path. ”

He added that although they have no contact with lawyers or consultants who helped the collective SMART to obtain permission to use marijuana legally, carried out the same legal procedures they performed.

Gutierrez said that so far, the firm has entered before the Cofepris 12 requests for people wanting to get permission to use marijuana legally, also indicated that calculate the time waiting to give permission to their customers will be an average of seven to nine months.

“The application of Cofepris can enter from one day to another. The Commission has up to 90 days to respond and could enter the amparo and review before the Supreme Court. We estimate approximately between 7 and 9 months of the procedure, that if the Cofepris take 90 days to decide, “he said.

The lawyer said that most customers who have hired their services to consume legal marijuana, are mostly men between 20 and 36 years with residence in Mexico City.

“We’ve been called Guadalajara and Colima, but requests that have resulted in their entirety are Mexico City. There are mostly male, aged between 25 and 36 years, “he added.

Does the Wi-Fi affects health?

Excessive contact with the radiation emitted by mobile phones, laptops and tablets could be dangerous to the human body. Should we turn off the router when not in use? Is it better to “hands-free” cell? How far we stand from the computer? Advice of specialists in the field to prevent overexposure to Wi-Fi.



woman technology

Wireless devices -the mobile phones, laptops and Tablets- became so ubiquitous that it’s hard to imagine life without them. While these devices have revolutionized the way we communicate, it is also true that create non-ionizing electromagnetic fields -radiaciones that when emitted at sufficient levels, can heat biological tissues, according to several studies and concluded acknowledged by the European Union . There is already concern about the excessive use of Wi-Fi and new technologies, especially in public places such as schools and hospitals.

For the Spanish Joan Carles López, an expert in radiation Geobiology and habitat, it is not resist using new technologies, but to use “common sense”.So it is asking people to take “awareness” and then “Electric hygiene.”

But is there a real basis for asserting that wireless devices are harmful to human health? The World Health Organization (WHO) argues that the main consequence of the interaction between radio frequency energy and the human body is the heating of tissues. In the case of the frequencies used by mobile phones, most of the energy is absorbed by the skin and other superficial tissues, so that the temperature rise in the brain or other organs is negligible.

So the Wi-Fi is harmful or not?

“Exposure to radiation from Wi-Fi is highest since the computer from the router,” argues Elisabeth Cardis, head of the “Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology” (CREAL) in Catalonia, Spain. After several investigations concluded that “if the RF source is not attached to the head, the exposure level is very low.” Luckily, the computer or one meter 60 centimeters inside the body.

CREAL performed “Interphone” one of the most important studies that were conducted on the subject. It was attended by 13 countries, and as a result some evidence to show that those with more cumulative hours of cell phone use might be more likely to develop a rare brain tumor called glioma were found.

On the other hand, patients who participated in the investigation began to use mobile phones at a later age than young people today, if you consider that a cancer or tumor can take years to manifest. For this reason the WHO considers that it is still nothing said about whether it is dangerous or not, and that should deepen research in specific population groups such as children and adolescents.

Prevention tips

To avoid risks, take some precautions:

* Zoom the head phone and using “hands-free” to talk or send text messages.

* Using lift x o que é.

* Place the access point Wi-Fi at least one meter away from places where people often stay longer as beds, tables, sofas or playgrounds.

* The transfer of large data files or “streaming media” should only be performed when the connection is established between the portable device and the access point in a room it is of good quality to avoid retransmissions, leading to cycles of higher labor and the largest exposures.

* In places where Wi-Fi is often used, coverage should be good enough.

* Access points must be turned off when not in use, because even when not using Wi-Fi, the device transmits beacon signals on every 102 meters.

* In public spaces it is preferable to install a single Wi-Fi network coverage to all teams back to the old system or cable Internet.

Wi-fi Router, better be far away from children and pregnant

It is not seen, but a study of Ob/GYN Center indicates that magnetic fields can affect the health of unborn children, that 68% could suffer obesity problems.

The wi-fi utility we know it all. Fast and wireless connections above all, without the need of cables, plugs and several limitations.

A little less is know about side effects to health: the risks for adults are almost zero, but, as it maintains the Codacons of Italy (Association for the defense of the environment and the rights of users and consumers) in the light of a Californian study published in Nature completo Scientific Reports, for babies not born yet the situation is different.

According to this research, the exposure in the womb to relatively strong magnetic fields, such as those generated by a microwave or devices, wi-fi, increases the risk of obesity in children.

Scientists stand out in particular that, if the exposure is high, the risk of having an overweight child increases by 69%. The study, conducted by the Kaiser Permanente Consortium, closely followed the pregnancy of hundreds of American women, and then monitored the development of 733 of children up to the age of 13 in 33 different life phases.

The final analysis of the data revealed a directly proportional connection between exposure to electromagnetic fields and obesity levels. An alarming conclusion by Codacons which, in application of the principle of precaution and waiting for a definite part of the scientists answer, calls interrupt “the flow of devices wi-fi initiated by many cities”.

Administrations of Government that were made or are making the coverage are in fact increasingly numerous wi-fi in all the communal territory, to allow free access to the Internet as well for citizens and tourists.

A type of connection, underlines the consumers Association, which “seems to have now become a political career in the name of modernity.It is a pity that until now no one has been able to exclude the possible consequences for the health of the man, as shown by the study which has just been published.”

That is why, according to Codacons, should be prohibited unless the installation of wi-fi in the proximity of asylums, schools, public parks, hospitals, libraries and other sensitive places, frequented by children and pregnant women.women.

Movies on the Internet: the new way to watch movies

Watch movies online legally seems to be the trend that will continue the film industry in the coming years.

Movies on the Internet: the new way to watch movies

They seem too distant those days when the only option to see a good movie at home was to go to thenearest video club and rent it . The VHS were our most precious object and allow enjoy films in complete comfort.

Then came the DVDs, which helped expand the supply and improve the quality of the films . But at the same time, piracy rates rose and the industry began to lose money.

Today, movie studios strive to create new strategies on the one hand, adapt to new times and otherwise generate profits. Meet some of his actions:

Warner Bros can rent movies on Facebook

Warner Bros decided to compete with YouTube and Google and will allow Facebook users fromrenting movies thanks to an app that Warner will release there.

The main tool to rent the movies are Facebook Credits, which allow you to buy things without using third party services like Paypal and thus pay rent movies.

of course, Faceebook will keep a percentage of revenue, to be a beneficial deal for both parties.

what is known is that the value to rent a film is 30 credits. The user can see for 48 hours as often asdesired. The first film available will be Batman, The Dark Knight.

According to Warner the idea seeks to expand the space of the company regarding the digital distribution of content and also reduce piracy.

At the moment the service is only available for users of EU but eventually reach other countries.

 Project Free TV offers HD movies for free

Sony launches “My Daily Clip”

If Warner Bross use Facebook to rent movies, Sony Pictures will not be left behind. The studio is launching a new app for the iPad and iPhone called “My Daily Clip” which gives users a clip from the library of Sony to enjoy every day.

The clips will not only be available for viewing on the app, too for social networks with links to many outlets to buy on iTunes.

According to Sony, it is not impossible that other studies begin to distribute their content via apps like these.


Another ideal for movie buffs who do not want to see a whole movie, but only a specific part. Page

This is AnyClips, a company that specializes in the digitization of films and created a database. By entering you can search for exact phrases, exact moments half a minute or a minute into the film with the advantage not to download it from the Internet or anything.

Everything is absolutely legal, because there are several studies that have provided licenses. One that has made alliance with AnyClip is Universal.