Applications to call and talk for free using wifi or 3G / 4G with android, iphone, blackberry.

Here we explain how to call free from android, iphone, blackberry or pc and be able to talk long and hard without having to worry about the price, or the consumption of data. In our guides wealready explain how to have free wifi , now it’s time to take advantage of it! So let’s see what applications there are to call and talk for free using wifi or 3G / 4g with all your contacts .

Theory on app to call by wifi or 3g / 4g free as Line, Viber, Skype, HipChat, Whatsapp

Be careful, because calls to normal phones are NOT free. Now we explain it to you


Let’s review the common features of the applications to call and talk on wifi or 3g / 4g. These applications use the internet to make the call, they use the VOIP (Voice over internet) protocol to send the digitized voice signal through the Internet, instead of sending it analogically through the normal telephone switching network.

That is, normal calls go through an analog network and calls from these apps go through another network, the internet network. But there are two networks that are linked by a device called gateways, these devices allow you to call from the voip network to a phone that is in the normal analog network and vice versa as well.

All this roll is important because of the following: The calls of the applications that go by wifi or 4G will be free while you DO NOT call a normal analog network phone. All these apps work as follows: If from the app you call a normal phone then they charge you a fee, so that the call comes out for free you have to call another device that also has the same app installed.


Line for free pc

The application of Line is very similar to Viber, of Chinese origin is having an enormous success, because it can be used in PC and its famous stickers (emoticons) that users can send each other. Free Line is available for PC, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry PGP and Nokia Asha OS. The call service is free between Line applications and is compatible with iOS, Android and PC (Windows and Mac OS). Line also has what they call “official accounts”, they are accounts of famous people and television programs, you can add them to your favorites and from your own application you can follow their news, promotions, news … in a similar way to how it is done in facbook or twitter. To be able to call normal telephones (which do not have Line installed) you must use the Line Premium Call service , which offers a series of flat rates to be able to call any telephone in the world, it is a payment service in which you have to buy credits to be able to call.

Blackberry Messenger (BBM)


And we have left for the last to the most veteran application, one of the first and most famous messaging apps on the Internet, Blackberry Messenger , known for its high levels of security, since all conversations are encrypted , application widely used by companies and teenagers. Personally it is the application that we like the most in the wording of compartirwifi

Initially only available for free for Blackberry systems was opened in 2013 to the iOS and Android platforms , a version for Windows Phone is also planned for the end of 2014.

Blackberry Messenger allows free online chat between users of the application, you can also show what happens on your smartphone screen to the other user, provided that you have Wi-Fi connection. A special feature of BBM is that it has the so-called channels, which are like Twitter-type accounts where you can follow the people and companies that interest you most and be up-to-date with your things.

BBM is associated with a blackberry identifier and the phone number of your smartphone, so it integrates perfectly with your contact list.

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