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The French brand Le Creuset does not stop to amaze us with the quality and design of its products. The Skillet Le Creuset cast iron skillet is a return to the roots of traditional cooking with a top quality product, very well built and that will last a long time in your kitchen without a doubt. Check and read reviews on the internet.

Cherry enameled cast iron

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Le creuset skillets serve for all kinds of cooking , even to make bread, biscuits or cookies. They are versatile pans that can be used in several ways.

The Skillet Le Creuset cast iron skillet is made entirely of this material. Both the handle and the body of the pan are united in a single piece which makes this pan is a robust pan, practically indestructible and suitable for all types of kitchens, including induction cookers.

Cast iron is a material that absorbs and retains heat exceptionally. Normally it is not necessary to apply much heat to the cooking with this type of material, but of course, this depends on the recipe that we do. The skillet skillet Le Creuset is ideal for cooking also in the oven since being built of a single piece of cast iron will withstand perfectly high cooking temperatures giving you excellent results. In fact this frying pan is so versatile that you can use it even in a barbecue.

Skillet Le Creuset Skillet

Key Features of the Skillet Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet

As we mentioned earlier, the cast iron skillet Le Creuset skillet is suitable for long cooking or high temperature cooking in a wide variety of heat sources. The classic design of the Skillet skillet is also supported by a handle on the side opposite the handle and two spouts on both sides of the pan body. As normally we will have to help with kitchen gloves to manipulate the pan when it is at high temperatures, the detail of the handle and the handle becomes very important to be able to have it controlled at all times.

Thanks to the ceramic glazing on the base, the skillet skillet Le Creuset cast iron is ideal to serve the food directly on the table obtaining an ideal presentation for all diners. The interior of the pan body has an enamel which, in addition to providing greater durability, also functions as a natural anti-adherent without any added chemicals.

With skillet skillet you can prepare all kinds of dishes. From the most traditional and classic to masses for bread, biscuits and everything you can imagine. The best thing is that this product is guaranteed by the own brand Le Creuset for life, which is sure to be inherited and will become an indispensable classic in your kitchen.

Care Skillet Le Creuset Cast Iron Skillet

The care for this pan is minimal and unlike other materials it is not necessary to perform any cure prior to first use. Just scrub it and it’s ready to use. What is very important is not to cook with metal utensils since they can damage and scratch the surface of the pan and therefore, wear out the material very quickly. Always use wood or silicone utensils for cooking.

The Le Creuset skillet cast iron skillet is suitable for use in the dishwasher. We recommend that you wash at hand to take better care of it. If there are residues of the cooking adhered to the surface, leave them to rest in hot water for a few minutes and with the aid of a scouring pad, these will leave with ease.

In short, the skillet Le Creuset cast iron skillet is a very robust and durable product that with a minimum care will last a lifetime. The cast iron respects very well the taste and aroma of all the foods with which your way of cooking will change for the better and you will obtain a great results. We have written a specific post about cast iron pans that we invite you to read.

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