Blackberry accelerates in the security of the Internet of Things

The Connected Devices Certification Platform and Vertical Security Development Center are the new BlackBerry ads.

Hardly had Blackberry formalized the acquisition of WatchDox in the protection of documents, that the Canadian company launched two new security services. And especially in securing the Internet of Things (IoT).

A certification platform for IoT

In the first place, the Waterloo company relies on the technologies of its subsidiary Certicomto launch a public key certificate management service for applications dedicated to sensors and other objects connected to a network. This platform will enable service providers and device manufacturers to secure IoT networks and their ecosystem by authenticating connected devices.

Certicom’s certification application has been operational since 13 April in the United Kingdom, where it is starting to validate the 104 million residential energy measurement and management devices that comply with ZigBee Smart Energy specifications.

A new vision of security

Although it also concerns communicating objects, the other announcement concerns the more general questions of computer security that Blackberry intends to contribute. The company has just opened the Center for High Assurance Computing Excellence (CHACE) . This R & D center’s mission is to rethink how to integrate security for businesses and individuals in the face of new forms of attack. “Security in the world is based on the idea of fixing faster, but this hamster wheel fails to fix the root problem ,” said David Kleidermacher, security manager at Blackberry.It is clear that we must build systems without security breaches. The software engineering and security needed to achieve this goal is unfortunately rare nowadays and must become commonplace. “

This will be the challenge for Chace who will benefit from Blackberry PGP‘s expertise in security. The Waterloo company has some expertise in automated testing and deep vulnerability analysis. This has enabled the Canadian to obtain international certifications in the areas of management of mobile devices (and recognized by the US Defense ), the automotive industry and the medical industry. Chace intends to expand this set of skills, both towards the academic, scientific and private environment, to develop security products dedicated to vertical sectors.

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