1. What is the BIPAC 7100Pro?
A) The BIPAC 7100Pro is an ADSL Modem with a built in router that also supports a USB interface and is manufactured by Billion Electric Co.

2. Is it available to buy now?
A) The BIPAC 7100Pro is available for purchase now

3. Does the BIPAC 7100Pro have all the necessary approvals to be sold legally in Australia?
A) Yes it does. The BIPAC 7100Pro has the A-Tick approval and can legally be sold in Australia. The modem is currently in the process of Telstra Certification (IP1149) and should be approved in the coming few weeks.

4. Can I buy this modem from this site?
A) No, you can’t. However the modem will be available from a number of dealers and ISP’s.

5. Does this web site cover any other products?
A) No, this web site is solely dedicated to the BIPAC 7100Pro and is the official support site. For info on all other Billion products please visit www.billion.com.au

6. What should I do if I have questions on the BIPAC7100Pro?
A) You can post in these forums or send an email to support@ausadsl.info or call our 1300 Support line at 1300 139159

7. What kind of warranty does the BIPAC 7100PRO have?
A) The BIPAC comes with a 2 Year warranty.

8. If I have a problem with the BIPAC 7100PRO can I return it here?
A) No, you will need to take it to the dealer or ISP you bought it from for replacement.

9. Does the BIPAC 7100PRO come in a retail box and what does the modem come with?
A) Yes the BIPAC 7100PRO comes in a full colour retail box and comes with the ADSL Modem/Router, a CD-ROM containing the drivers and online manual, a quick start guide, One RJ11 ADSL/Telephone cable, One CAT5 crossover cable, one USB cable, and one Australian power adapter.

10. Can the firmware of the BIPAC 7100PRO be upgraded?
A) Yes the firmware of the BIPAC can be upgraded via the web interface and quite easy to do. Any new firmware will be posted in the downloads section of http://www.billion.com.au.

11. Will the BIPAC 7100PRO work with MAC OS or Linux?
A) Yes the BIPAC 7100PRO works through your Browser web configuration and works under Windows 95/98/98SE/NT/2000/ME/XP, Mac OS, Unix and Linux

12. Do you still support the BIPAC 711CE?
A) Yes the BIPAC 711CE is still supported. Please visit the Forums for support. The BIPAC 7100PRO has replaced the 711CE as the 711CE is no longer available.

13. What is the difference between the BIPAC 711CE and the BIPAC 7100 PRO?
A) The 7100PRO has 4MB of ROM whereas the 711CE had 2MB of ROM. The 7100PRO also supports UPnP natively and also comes with an extra year of warranty. Apart form that they are fairly identical units.


1. How do I run the Billion modem as only a modem without any routing function?

A) Log into the Billion web config via the browser ( go to configuration -> Wan
B) Enable Bridging
C) Change Encapsulation to 1483 Bridged IP LLC
D) Remove the setting in the PPP Section (including the automatic reconnect tick)
Submit then Save SettingsEnsure PPPoE Network protocol is setup for the LAN card connected to the Billion and dial up your ISP using the dial up adaptor.A point of warning, PLEASE ENSURE you have a firewall running on your PC when running the billion in bridged mode, as the billion will no longer protect your PC from possible internet based attacks

2. How can I forward ports to my PC?
A) If you are running FTP, Web Servers on any other application that will have incoming traffic that is NOT initiated from you, then you can setup Billion to automatically transfer this traffic directly to a port on your PC.
Log into Billion
Then under Configuration -> Virtual Server
Add the appropriate Port and Select Add this settings

For Example: FTP

Public Port 21
Private Port 21
Port Type:TCP
IP Address:

Please note.
A) It is advisable to use a static IP address for your PC
B) The incoming IP address to give people is NOT the IP address of your machine it is the IP address assigned to you by your ISP. (This address can be found in the Billion Status Home page under WAN)

3. Where can I find advanced ADSL help?
A) Excellent Technical FAQ for advanced ADSL http://adsl.cutw.net/dsl.html4. When I save settings my web page just sits there? What is wrong?

A) When you reboot the modem, wait till the SYNC Light comes back to Solid green. Once it is back to solid green the modem has rebooted. Alternatively you can click on the refresh button on the web page and when it refreshes the modem has rebooted.