Smartwatches best you can buy today

This time we review what the best Smartwatches today, in order that if you are thinking about buying one of these incredible devices, choose the one that best fits your needs and budget.

If for some reason you think it’s time to update your traditional clock, who has surely accompanied you for years, for something a little more current, but I really do not know if more needed something to show you notifications on the wrist and which of course you can add several applications to meet different needs.

If you are thinking so certainly you need a SmartWatch, but the question that follows, which usually people who are thinking about buying a SmartWatch are made, is that I buy, where should I look for, which are good and which no, well then you will clarify any questions you may have or at least try to clarify the most important. Here are the features to consider, along with smart watches first class there today in the market.

If we go back to the past, we realize that the calculator watch has been around since the 1970s, but the Smartwatches have reached the point of being what they are, just for being “smart”.

The implementation of various applications, to show notifications smartphones, to monitor the heart rate, the latest crop of Smartwatches does more than just tell time. It is important to know what to look for in order to keep the following tips in mind when making a purchase of some of the best Smartwatches.

Device Compatibility

Naturally, the first thing you’ll want to consider when buying a SmartWatch is compatibility. Many of the currently available devices use Android Wear, Google’s operating system designed. The latest update of Android Wear adds support for iOS, but these are still very focused on Android devices.Watch Apple, as expected, it is strictly connected to devices with iOS, so that only serves those who have an iPhone. Other watches, work with both Android and iOS. Be sure to choose a watch that is compatible with the mobile device which owns. Unfortunately, there are no clocks that support Blackberry or Windows devices.

The applications

What separates an intelligent watch a normal watch, is a number of things, but applications could be the most important.
Like smartphones, application availability is a good way to determine which product to get, so be sure to check out the selection of applications for each watch before buying it .
and if you are looking for applications, Apple and Pebble are your best options. Watch Apple probably has the largest number of high quality applications, but Pebble no slouch. Android Wear also has its share, but the interest of developers certainly seems to be on the side of Apple. While Samsung and LG do not seem to attract much attention from developers.

The world of Fitness

Unless you want a gadget on both wrists (not the coolest, in my opinion), you’ll want a smartwatch that can perform double duty as a tracker exercise, or any other portable device that was thinking about buying.Most Smartwatches are able to track the basic activity, like steps, but we must pay close attention to the additional functions. Moto Sport 360, for example, with its built-in GPS function, you can track their careers without the help of a companion device. It also has a built-in heart rate sensor. So far there are no clocks that can really compete with a fitness tracker top-of-the-line dedicated, but at least should be able to find one that tracks most activities you want to monitor.

Battery duration

Most likely you want one SmartWatch with good battery life, right? Well, because you will not get it . Watches with all their color, their screens smartphone but smaller, running similar applications, whether in this case is Apple or Android, the battery charge will not last more than a day. Like the phone, you’ll want to connect it to a charger every night before going to bed.
Pebble wins wars of battery life, but it does so at the expense of display technology. All Pebble watches can last from a week to 10 days, with a screen that is always on. The downside is they have a poor quality screen, and as well as save energy. These screens fulfill its purpose well enough to show the information required, but when compared with screens Smartwatches high end, the difference is too note.

The price

The Smartwatches can be very expensive, but that does not mean you have to spend a lot of money to get a good one. Yes, yellow 18 – carat gold Apple is what attracts you, you must pay something like US $ $ 17,000, even the base model costs $ 349, which places it among the most expensive Smartwatches from the list.
If it is the first time you buy a smartwatch, you might want to think about going for the not so expensive, luckily, the original Pebble can get US $ 100.

Remember that you’re not buying for life

Unlike a normal wrist watch good, the Smartwatches tend not to last much longer than a Smartphone, this is because each year comes a new model, which brings new features, better technology and of course a new design.So keep well in mind when buying the SmartWatch you are buying it will not have for more than two years at most.

But if you’re looking for the best SmartWatch available today, options I present here are the best I’ve seen so far.

1. Pebble Smartwatch

the best smartwatshes 2016 Pebble TimeRating: Excellent

Simple design. Easy Setup. Instant notifications. Customizable clock. It syncs with Android or iOS.

Increased compatibility with iOS apps for Android.

The sleek – looking Pebble SmartWatch fulfills its promise to give wireless notifications on your wrist, and while there is still some minor bugs that need to be resolved, the potential of this watch is huge.

2. Pebble Smartwatch Steel

the best smartwatshes 2016 Pebble SteelRating: Excellent

Stylish high – end. Easy to use. Customizable clock. The growing application store and feature set loo make a very attractive device.


The Pebble Steel has a sophisticated design with a thriving store applications, and consolidating its place above the competition.

3. Pebble Time

the best smartwatshes 2016 Pebble Time 2Rating: Excellent

Excellent battery life. Always color screen. Functionality voice to text conversion. Instant notifications. Comfortable. A lot of applications. It syncs with Android or iOS.

The application store can improve not updated very often.

The Pebble Time brings a color screen and a microphone, which is a good choice for those who acquire for the first time Smartwatch.

4. Apple Watch

Apple the best smartwatshes 2016Rating: Excellent

Attractive design. Secure and comfortable fit. A lot of third party applications.

Costly. The battery goes fast. Little functionality without an iPhone connected.

watch SmartWatch Apple is the best on the market, but it is more a luxury than a replacement for your ordinary watch.

5. Huawei Watch

the best smartwatshes 2016 huaweiRating: Very Good

Attractive design. Nice presentation. Monitor heartbeat. Relatively good battery life.

Costly. Android Wear is an acquired taste.

The SmartWatch Huawei looks great and works well, but requires a lot ofmoney and a love for Android Wear.


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