Superioir Online Landscaping Course

The present course of Landscape Design arises from the concern of several professionals who have been in the midst of landscaping for many years and we are fortunate to be working in landscape design, building landscape and at the same time transmitting our experience and knowledge through our School of Landscape Online .

The Agenda of the Advanced Course Landscape , was made based on the Program Planning and Landscape Design career at the University of Buenos Aires . 

Somehow these more than 20 years of professional experience we wanted to offer to all those who, enthusiasts of Landscape Design, are faced with the question of how to carry out the learning of this exciting profession.

The topics that make up this course are all useful and will be working tools in any design process that will face tomorrow. We include texts, an extensive bibliography and many information graphics to clearly understand all the contents developed throughout this course.

At the end of the Higher Course of Landscaping the student may exercise his activity as an independent professional or work for others (as a dependency), as the course offers the appropriate professional training to successfully access different proposals and jobs related to the Landscaping.

This course prepares you to have your first contact with all the tools necessary to practice the profession of landscaper in a professional way, from the analysis to the elaboration of a situation plan, the practice of perspectives, the elaboration of the program, zoning and guiding idea , The recognition and representation of different plant species, the scale representation of landscaping plans until the development of the landscape project.

Thanks to the methodology that has been implemented, our course will allow you to design and solve all project scales: from a simple balcony, a patio, a garden, a square, a park, a sports field … and not just design gardens.

In addition it will allow you to reach an integral formation to interact and work with other professionals related to the landscaping: architects, agricultural engineers, forestry technicians, surveyors, etc. At the end of the Higher Course of Landscaping the student may exercise his activity as an independent professional or work for others (as a dependency), as the course offers the appropriate professional training to successfully access different proposals and jobs related to the Landscaping. 

he methodology of work is very simple:
 Students, once hired the course, you are given a user key and its respective password, to access and to VIRTUAL CLASSROOM , where will find the lessons of the course, practical work, and all the teaching materials needed to The correct understanding of the proposed topics.

When entering the virtual classroom, you can download the theoretical material to the computer, read it directly or print it without being connected to the Internet.

Almost all the lessons have a practical work to be solved in an orderly and progressive way, that is to say that the practical one is solved and then the 2, the 3, etc. are solved.

Within the virtual classroom, you will also have a teacher who will practice the Online Tutoring of each student assisting them in the resolution of the practical work.

The student can communicate  via email with the teacher in charge of the course, obtaining a response on or n maximum within 24 hours , to all the questions you have students on study module.

You will also have access to a Forum in the classroom where you can leave your questions or suggestions and exchange comments with other students .

Another form of communication between student and teacher is through online chat which is within the virtual classroom, previously agreeing with the teacher, day and time of the meeting online.

Finally the resolution of the last practical work students will terminate the course, accessing a diploma in recognition of the same, which shall include data on the institution, student data, the number of hours and the signature of teachers and responsible for the course .


The Superior Landscaping Course lasts 4 months ( number of hours 150 hours) Tutorial and Training. Although the course can be extended more time, if the student requires it.

We recommend a two – time virtual classroom visits per week , to study the lessons and solve the practical work and corrections received from the teacher, yourself will go determining the time needed to complete the course.

The course is designed to solve the practical work progressively and to learn in an entertaining, relaxed and professional way.


The objective of this course is to provide interested students with the necessary tools to carry out the Landscaping Design process in a concrete and real example.

This is not a course of gardening, but of course Professional Landscaping , which responds to a clear and precise methodology to address landscape design professionally and interact with others related to the profession professionals, such as architects, agronomists , Surveyors, foresters, etc.



With the resolution of the last practical work (final delivery landscaping project)  you will terminate the course, providing Digital Landscape SL of Barcelona, the Certificate of Accreditation of participation, training and satisfactory completion of Advanced Course Landscaping , To perform in interdisciplinary teams, indicating all the pertinent details of the student, the course, the Institution, and the responsible teachers. The certificate carries DIGITAL SIGNATURE , ensuring the accuracy and validity.

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