The popularization of electronic music has been very great in recent years. Currently, DJs undoubtedly belong to the pop industry, which, for better or for worse, has made way for more and more artists. If you want to learn to mix music like the best disc jockeys, there are many tools with which you can train through the internet. You can visit dj hire melbourne. With you, the twelfth installment of HoyAprendí .

Virtual DJ course

You can mix music through various platforms. Perhaps the simplest and, therefore, most popular among beginner DJs is Virtual DJ . The advantage it offers is that all its features can be used from any computer, but its concepts can be applied in other programs and when using a turntable.

The youtuber DJ Alones is one of the most popular on the net for its complete tutorials in Spanish. On your channel there is a whole play list designed to teach how to use the Virtual DJ.At the end of your 17 videos, you will have all the capabilities to make an organized set with your favorite songs.

Pyramid Training

The Pyramid music production academy offers a large number of really useful online instruments for those interested in electronics. In fact, it offers a totally free DJ course , in which you will learn from one of the most recognized software in the scene: Traktor .

The first two lessons are on YouTube and, to see the next six, you just have to register on the official page with your name and an email. In addition to becoming an expert in Traktor, with these simple tutorials you will learn how to properly handle audio drivers and CDJ turntables.


At present, disc jockeys of the likes of Diplo use Ableton to make their productions and their mixes. If you want to learn how to use this powerful tool, you can not stop following the SadowickProduction channel. There you will find a whole course of basic concepts that will help you understand and start using the Ableton Live 9.

With its 11 videos, you will go from being a complete novice to mastering the elementary principles of software. If you feel you can continue with deeper content, Sadowick also offers amore complete playlist (48 videos) that addresses more complex concepts that are possible in Ableton Live.

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