Wi-fi Router, better be far away from children and pregnant

It is not seen, but a study of Ob/GYN Center indicates that magnetic fields can affect the health of unborn children, that 68% could suffer obesity problems.

The wi-fi utility we know it all. Fast and wireless connections above all, without the need of cables, plugs and several limitations.

A little less is know about side effects to health: the risks for adults are almost zero, but, as it maintains the Codacons of Italy (Association for the defense of the environment and the rights of users and consumers) in the light of a Californian study published in Nature completo Scientific Reports, for babies not born yet the situation is different.

According to this research, the exposure in the womb to relatively strong magnetic fields, such as those generated by a microwave or devices, wi-fi, increases the risk of obesity in children.

Scientists stand out in particular that, if the exposure is high, the risk of having an overweight child increases by 69%. The study, conducted by the Kaiser Permanente Consortium, closely followed the pregnancy of hundreds of American women, and then monitored the development of 733 of children up to the age of 13 in 33 different life phases.

The final analysis of the data revealed a directly proportional connection between exposure to electromagnetic fields and obesity levels. An alarming conclusion by Codacons which, in application of the principle of precaution and waiting for a definite part of the scientists answer, calls interrupt “the flow of devices wi-fi initiated by many cities”.

Administrations of Government that were made or are making the coverage are in fact increasingly numerous wi-fi in all the communal territory, to allow free access to the Internet as well for citizens and tourists.

A type of connection, underlines the consumers Association, which “seems to have now become a political career in the name of modernity.It is a pity that until now no one has been able to exclude the possible consequences for the health of the man, as shown by the study which has just been published.”

That is why, according to Codacons, should be prohibited unless the installation of wi-fi in the proximity of asylums, schools, public parks, hospitals, libraries and other sensitive places, frequented by children and pregnant women.women.

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